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Manufacturing & Industrial Security Solutions

How Safe Is Your Plant or Factory?

Running a secure industrial plant or manufacturing factory and keeping your employees safe can be a challenge with ever-tightening budgets, a strict regulatory environment and continuously increasing areas of responsibility. At LionHeart Security Services, we understand the safety challenges of your industry and provide tailored industrial security services based on your facility needs and specific goals. With our outstanding corporate safety record and industrial security expertise, we have the depth and breadth of capabilities to be your total plant safety partner.  

Providing Value with Solutions Designed to Optimize Safety

Our market experts work with each customer to develop a comprehensive and integrated security program that prioritizes employee safety, protect assets and leverages technology solutions designed to optimize your security operations and support business objectives.  

Industrial Security Professionals

Our officers are trained not only to recognize safety hazards but to also respond by taking appropriate action. They can also provide additional value by performing other industrial security services, such as:

  • Fire extinguisher checks
  • Handling visitor reception,  sign-ins and badging
  • Credentialing employees
  • Escorting visitors
  • Performing lighting inspections
  • Conducting job safety analyses (JSA's) relevant to their duties
  • Managing emergency and  weather-related preparedness planning
  • Supporting loss-prevention,  including employee or visitor searches
  • Distributing mail and packages  

Comprehensive and Complete Integrated Security Services

With LionHeart Security Services, you have a reliable and experienced security partner that helps prepare for and manage risk end-to-end. We provide comprehensive guidelines for security, focusing on threat assessments, situation analysis, and meticulous planning to identify and mitigate potential risks, physical security programs to protect assets and respond to threats and the electronic systems and integrated risk management platforms that deliver better business insights and capabilities to force-multiply physical security programs.

  • Proactively mitigate incidents, improve safety and secure your supply chain and logistics processes with an integrated workforce management platform. 
  • Prepare for contingencies with crisis program design and management, disaster and emergency response. Ensure secure coverage of high-risk situations with specialized asset protection response teams.
  • Quickly respond to incidents with coordinated monitoring and response services, including remote video and intrusion, detection and fire alarm monitoring and integrated security system management.
  • Augment physical security services with advanced security intelligence and technology that improves security response, reporting and communications.  
  • Achieve better insight into risk through situational awareness and threat intelligence platforms or improve command center operations.

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