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Hospitality Industry Security

We know firsthand that hotels and resorts are often seen as an easy target for criminals. With a vast number of guests in and out, bustling areas can become a popular place for planned criminal activity.

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LionHeart Security Services Launches Real-Time Reporting

LionHeart Security Services is excited to announce we are launching a new technology, LionTracks! By partnering with Silvertrac Software, we have integrated their unique system into our operations.

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Security Guard Services: Budget VS Quality

In 2020, most companies are well-versed on the critical need for security. With the news and social media readily available, society often hears details on criminal activity spanning worldwide.

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Surpassing Arizona Mandated Requirements for Armed Security

Arizona law requires a person to obtain a 70% shooting accuracy to qualify for a firearms license! At LionHeart Security Services, we have always held our armed security guards to an even higher standard.

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