Healthcare Security

CARING, Patient-Centric, Evidence-Based Security

Hospital Safety Requires Responsive Security Services.

The safety and security for staff, patients, and visitors is a top priority for healthcare facilities. But these facilities are under constant pressure to also balance patient safety with managing costs and constant visitor traffic, open access in multiple buildings, hectic emergency departments, confidentiality requirements, governmental and accreditation standards, and patient satisfaction scores.The inability to successfully handle these responsibilities can earn a healthcare facility an unsafe reputation. When creating a solutions-driven and evidenced-based safety and security program, you need a security services partner who is responsive with the expertise needed for the unique security challenges in healthcare.

Specialized Service Tailored to Your Healthcare Needs

LionHeart Security Services has earned the trust of healthcare executives and security directors globally because we have expertise in providing responsive security services for a wide variety of healthcare facilities, no matter if your site is a single medical office, a large healthcare system, or any size in-between.  Your tailored hospital security service includes:

  • Highly trained hospital security professionals who adapt to your culture and values and are skilled in the special needs of healthcare facilities.
  • Unparalleled customer service combined with proactive, experienced security skills.
  • Creating tailored security programs to meet your overall objectives and mission.

Security That's Visible and Part of Your Care Team

The mere presence of a security professional can enhance the atmosphere of safety for staff, patients and visitors, but LionHeart Security professionals doesn’t stop there. Our extensive training program prepares our staff to handle situations specific to the healthcare field, including:

  • Regulatory and accreditation compliance, including CMS, HIPAA, OSHA, EMTALA, TJC, DNV, CIHQ, & NFPA
  • Mental health and drug or alcohol-related patient situations
  • Management of aggressive behavior
  • Fire safety
  • Crisis intervention and de-escalation
  • Workplace violence preparedness
  • Emergency Response / Management
  • Access control, protection, and contraband detection
  • Morgue escort services

A Holistic Model for Managing Risk and Compliance

Mitigating emerging risks, meeting safety and compliance requirements, and controlling cost 24/7 in a highly regulated industry that encompasses a wide range of facilities and personal, physical and data assets takes an innovative and comprehensive risk management approach. Our customized integrations of risk consulting, technology solutions and systems augment physical security programs and enable you to meet the unique needs of each operating environment with greater efficiency and reliability.

  • Gain vital insight and manage security operations with security workforce management software. Predictive and prescriptive, the proprietary technology of LionHeart that recommendations to drive actions that proactively manage risk and provide better patient experiences.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership through our complete suite of hosted/managed services. 
  • Monitor and respond more quickly to threats through video surveillance with event-based analytics.
  • Safeguard assets more effectively with modern and secure door hardware solutions.
  • Improve security capabilities in remote or hazardous areas with augmented security devices and sensors. 
  • Assess risk, improve compliance and implement best practices for crisis management and response with the expertise of our risk advisory team.

Whether controlling hospital visitor and employee access, mitigating the threat of aggression in a clinical setting, responding to a bio-hazard or environmental event, or securing medical equipment or pharmaceutical supply chains, our services go well beyond security response. We deliver strategy and solutions to protect your patients, providers, and brand and minimize disruption to your business and healthcare mission.

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