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Business and recreational travelers demand safe and secure hotel accommodations and responsive and friendly customer service. LionHeart Security Services (LHSS) ensures that their property provides as secure an environment as possible, while maintaining friendly customer service.

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Maintaining Security Minded Customer Service

LionHearts security staff are trained to embody a customer first, customer service model. While maintaining friendly, responsive interactions with customers are crucial, it is also important to vigilantly follow all security protocols.

Commitment to Ongoing Training

Lionheart Security professionals require continual quality training if they are to be as responsive and knowledgeable as possible. Given that security personnel is placed in the front line of a hotelier’s security force, it is vital that they have all the latest tools needed to handle emergency and crisis situations.

Hotels are held to extraordinarily high standards with regard to safety and security. It is critically important that all hotel staff be trained on appropriate security procedures for all high traffic areas including the lobby, front desk, baggage storage area, guest entry points, valet, and parking lot and receiving dock areas. The open environment fostered by hotels is welcoming to guests and visitors but, unfortunately, also creates vulnerabilities that must be addressed. Ensuring that all public spaces are continually monitored by staff and security personnel is crucial in maintaining a hospitable environment.

Dedication to Excellence

Lionheart Security Services deploys a dedicated hospitality supervisor to oversee and manage each of our hotel and resort accounts. Having a representative specifically for these accounts allows LionHeart to foster the ideal rapport with each client.

Partnership for Peace of Mind

LionHeart Security Services is an active member with AHLA, AL&TA, and VH&RA we are a resource for security best practices and benefit from the research, standards and information offered through these organizations.

Security Guards that Welcome and Protect

Hotels must foster an inviting atmosphere for guests while ensuring safety and security. Presenting security personnel in a customer service role with Guards dressed in upscale business clothing rather than traditional police or military-style uniform makes for a more accessible presence. This careful balance of customer service and security requires experience, specialized training, and supervision. When your guests feel that they are both welcome and watched over, they will feel more comfortable.

Ensuring that the right type of person occupies this customer-centric security role is also important. It is important to identify candidates through selective recruiting resources like hospitality and concierge associations and conduct extensive interviewing to ensure they possess a high aptitude for customer interaction.  

Control After Hours Access

For maximum safety, posting security personnel at the front entrance and other access points is vital. Security personnel can report suspicious activity, conduct property tours and protect guests and guest information from outsiders. This effort shouldn’t end when the sun goes down and foot traffic in the lobby slows. An around-the-clock security presence is a strong deterrent to unwanted activity and a clear signal to guests that your property is secure. Also ensure that your up-to-date closed-circuit system is tracking all of the hotel’s public areas, including the parking lot, gym, restaurants, loading dock, etc.  

Maintain Emergency Response Plan and Team

The collaboration between law enforcement and private security needs to extend beyond on-the-spot information sharing. Proactive security efforts and emergency planning initiatives should also involve everyone with a vested interest in safety and security. The team at LHSS ensures that our clients proactively implement prevention and response plans for everything from workplace violence to natural disasters, security professionals are quick to recommend the involvement of local law enforcement agencies and first responders. Existing plans should be reviewed annually, and evacuation and response drills, as well as and other training sessions should include those external groups as well. Involving everyone in planning and training will allow plans to be as situational as possible, and also help ensure a more efficient implementation if the worst-case scenario does occur.

Part of emergency response and event management plans require the ability to ramp up staff at a moment’s notice. Ensuring that your security team is ready and available when you need them can pay enormous dividends in minimizing the real-world impact of a crisis to your brand, staff, and guests.

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