Security Guard Services: Budget VS Quality

In 2020, most companies are well-versed on the critical need for security. With the news and social media readily available, society often hears details on criminal activity spanning worldwide. As a decision-maker in your company, security is probably a subject that is often discussed. At LionHeart Security Services (LHSS), we know budget versus quality is a common factor in security. However, the importance of this should never be overlooked or your property could face havoc.

Choosing the low bid can cost you in the caliber of services rendered and the quality of the guards assigned to your property. Just as other business-related expenses, when it comes to security, you get what you pay for. At LionHeart, we are not the least expensive security service available. However, again, you get what you pay for:

  • LHSS understands the value of exceptional customer service. In fact, we have won awards for it in recent past. Our dedicated team of professionals cut no corners with any of our clients, offering a relationship-based partnership.
  • LHSS delivers trained security guards who are advanced in their work. We go above and beyond the state-mandated requirements for security guards, and we only employ professionals who are worthy to wear our badge.
  • LHSS can furnish your account with a variety of security uniforms, mobile patrols, and reporting technology for your property. These items are included in your service agreement and total cost.
  • LHSS offers 24/7 dedicated Supervisors overseeing our guards on your property. With this, we are reinforcing quality and LionHeart standards.
  • LHSS services include Armed Guards, Mobile Patrol, Executive Protection, and Tactical Response. We have the experience to create and execute a precise security plan for any environment.

At LionHeart Security Services, we offer the highest quality security services. If you are looking to update your security program, contact us today at 480-664-6250. We do not disappoint!

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